hey, I'm Debb!

I'm the best-kept secret,
sales goddess
you've been prayin' for...

hey, I'm Debb!

I'm the best-kept secret,
sales goddess
you've been prayin' for...

As a Spiritual Sales Coach, I help female entrepreneurs
such as business, spiritual, health, life, branding, and marketing coaches (and consultants)

completely slay their sales while making a bigger impact on the world
(and their bank accounts, let's be honest)

by helping them completely transform their sales conversations from
awkward, sleazy and unsuccessful to aligned, in flow and CLOSED

My story wasn’t all roses and rainbows but more like

“I started from the bottom- now I'm here!”
(Thank you, Drake!)

I was burnt out, overworked and underpaid and struggling to make ends meet as a single mom of a teenage daughter (I started young.. As in Freshman year of college!) I didn’t have any time to spend with her, didn’t have any money left over at the end of the month, was struggling with confidence and just tired of trying to do it all alone until I got my lucky break in the coaching sales world. In literally 2 weeks, I made it to the top and won my full-time closing position, even though I'd never sold anything even remotely like coaching before - especially nothing close to $30k and I became the baddest behind the scenes closer for one superstar business coach (ahem - trust me, you know her name). Next thing I knew, I was at the top of my industry getting phone calls to do sales for one of THE most famous personal development superstars in the world (you DEFINITELY know his name). And now I coach their sales TEAM and help all of my clients do the same (how does doubling or tripling your closing rates sound?!)

And people thank me for changing their life when they say yes to my offer. As in, literally, people are seriously thanking me because I'm completely transforming their lives (wouldn't you rather hear that than 'Let me think about it'?)”

Now, let me get real with ya' for a moment:
I wasn't always a badass at sales. 
I was anything BUT confident in the face of objections

(like ugly crying myself to sleep into my pillow every night)

but I failed forward as fast as I could, made myself show up like a freaking rockstar
and handled it to the tune of close to a million dollars in programs sold in about 6 months.

The way I turned that story around was by completely changing the traditional sales model and going with an aligned, spiritual and very-much-in-flow style instead. This is what took me from crying to sleep every night with ZERO experience selling high-end programs, to making it rain sales in a matter of weeks to one of the best in my industry in months.

So you can totally bet that I can help you too. Which means, no more ugly tears for you ma'friend. Because as the saying goes:

everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear #truth
Here's how you do it